ASL has formed strategic partnerships with many of the best health & beauty manufacturers in the world. Because of these unique relationships, ASL can offer turn-key fulfillment-on-demand services for dozens of products, including capsules, creams, lotions, liquids, essential oils, and pet products. We can help you design and print labels and apply them on the fly as your orders come in so your inventory exposure and costs are minimized. We can also help you with customized formulations and products unique to your company alone.  Ask for a quote today and see for yourself whether anyone else can offer better quality, pricing, lead times, and payment terms.


Best Quality, Price, Terms, and Lead Times.


Ask for a quote today and see for yourself if we can't save you money on your products, speed up your manufacturing lead times by weeks, and offer the most aggressive payment terms in the industry while doing it.

Find out today why your competitors are switching to ASL.



ASL works with only the best GMP certified health manufacturers to provide a full range of capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, and other unique delivery systems for hundreds of supplements. Our relationships with these manufacturers enable us to pass on the most aggressive price, terms, and lead times available anywhere.



Working with the best beauty suppliers in the world, ASL can assist you with your own line of gels, lotions, and cosmetic products with the lowest minimums and best pricing in the industry. We stock the product and apply your label on an as needed basis so you can increase your product offers while reducing your inventory exposure.


Pet Products

The pet and animal markets are a massive segment of the nutrition industry and are growing at a steady rate. ASL works to put top quality, safe, and effective pet products in your hands at efficient pricing.  Our manufacturing partners are skilled and experienced to know just what your consumers demand. 



Private Label Fitness Supplements

ASL carries a full line of Health & Beauty products, including capsules, creams, liquids, etc. available in low minimums at aggressive prices. Approximately 100 different products can be labeled and shipped on the fly with our fully integrated fulfillment-on-demand technology.  


Custom Formulation

Whether you need expert assistance in formulating and manufacturing a unique product for your company or if you already have your own in-house formulations (or ideas for new products), ASL can help you with custom products in the health & beauty space, including those in the pet and animal care sector.