Everything is about marketing and distribution channels. Without customers, nothing else matters. Unfortunately, there are a lot of so-called marketing & advertising companies vying for your business. The biggest problem, you have to spend a lot of time and money to find out if they are any good. ASL's strategic partnerships include global industry experts that have proven their marketing & advertising capabilities. By working with a global team of marketing and logistics providers, we have come to understand that at least someone in the group knows everyone so we are able to pass on good marketing referrals and also tell you who to avoid.


Web development

Congratulations, you have a website and a shopping cart and are selling product on the internet. Now that you have graduated from eCommerce kindergarten, let ASL help you with landing pages and advanced web techniques that draw in leads and convert them to paying customers, over and over again. 


label design & printing

ASL's cutting edge label capabilities allow you to design labels quickly and print small runs to A/B test your sites and products and then quickly scale up once you discover what is working for you. We work with experienced graphic designers who can help you with your brand perception and line integration.


e-commerce marketing

It's a crazy world out there with more scammers than legitimate marketing companies. ASL works with only fully vetted marketing companies and makes introductions so that you can work directly with a full range of different companies, marketing techniques, and customer generation methodologies.


retail brokers

Once your eCommerce brands achieve critical mass in terms of online exposure, the next step is to take advantage of brick & mortar retail distribution channels. ASL works with the best retail brokers in the industry to help your product get planogram placement at drug, grocery, and specialty retail.


customer service

Finding customers is difficult and expensive so keeping them should be a top priority. ASL can help you get set up with inbound customer service, outbound telemarketing, and database monetization programs so you can find, target, customer serve, and monetize your database of customers.