Shipping & Fulfillment are ASL's unique area of specialty. With strategically positioned facilities and partners worldwide, we can offer bi-coastal domestic shipping solutions and one stop shipping into most major countries of the world, saving you money on every shipment and improved delivery times and package security. The entire system is run by advanced software that allows you to login for real time assessments of inventory levels, delivery times, billing, etc. ASL offers high volume single SKU shipping using automated systems, pick & pack fulfillment, returns processing, and palletized delivery to retail distribution centers, including Amazon compliant shipments.


Pick & Pack

Although ASL specializes in high volume, single SKU shipping for large eCommerce companies, we can also facilitate and manage an efficient Pick & Pack operation for companies that provide a wider array of products to a large number of customers. Global shipping for Pick & Pack is available. 


With strategically placed primary and secondary warehousing, ASL can meet your needs for efficient, just-in-time fulfillment and longer term projects. Our fulfillment software provides each client with unique login credentials so you can understand your inventory position in real time. 

Returns Processing

Unfortunately, if you sell enough products you will experience returns. How you handle customer returns says a lot about your company and can make or break your reputation in the industry. Let ASL manage your product returns and take one more problem off the table for you.


International Shipping

ASL has international shipping solutions for Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America so that you can ship your product anywhere in the world with only one contact point. Better yet, our network of strategic partners can improve your pricing, delivery times, and package security throughout the world.


Bicoastal Fulfillment

With East and West coast fulfillment capabilities, ASL can reduce your shipping costs and delivery times by shipping your orders from different locations. Our advanced fulfillment software manages everything so all you have to do is focus on selling your products.